Saturday, March 28, 2009

For Money or Interest/Fun...

I've found a pathetic job near my hse. Currently working as a full timer and planning to quit anytime soon. I hope they fire me instead cause im not really interested in the job. I just want the MuNnEH~... The ppl inside there say if you want this job you have to work really hard... but i dont really care, seriously... After finding this job i was hoping NS would come sooner so i can quit the job and take a break. I rested for 3 weeks before i found the job. I was lazy and did not go around finding a more descent one.

My pay is crap, 1.2k a month minuse cpf 900++ not even a 1000. The working time is 10hrs a day. 6 days a week. I'm seriously lazy to find a job that's as crappy as this and so time consuming. On the bright side its a 5-10mins walk away from my house and I spend more time working instead of rotting at home. Working time is 11am - 9pm. Going to change to night the week after this which is 3pm - 1am. I dont really like night cause its beer beer beer... and i dont like the smell of beer at all. After this F&B job i will not find another F&B job again. I think its time consuming and not money effecient at all. I used to work 1hr $8 but i quit as the manager quit and i was doing my studies. Now im reduced to approx $5 an hr minus cpf is lesser. This is real crap stuff. Look at me i found a job and i want to be fired, while other people who dont have a job is willing to take up any job. Please tell me if you are desperate for a job i can give you mine...

So far in my F&B working life i have yet to break a cup or drop cups while holding them on a tray... Lets see if i would drop any in this place. I dont mind dropping since im not goin to pay for it anyway. The things i learned to do there are cutting fruits, making the different kind of drinks and serving people. I had fun learning how to make the drinks and making the drinks. But when you are filled with orders that is when you are stress and it wont be fun at that point of time. I've seen alot of people while working there, niao people, small gangsters, aunty and uncles, pretty girls, small kids. Almost all kinds of singaporeans and china people there is on this little boring island called singapore. This place i am working at is Civic Center's KTV PARTY WORLD some retard who printed the cards of the contacts of party world printed civil center. It made me laugh... So i say i was going to poon noobs i will have more storeys coming up about my working life so i can look through and laugh at them. As for today its my feelings about working at the KTV.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I wasnt really expecting this day to come nor was i looking forward to this day. But every year i must say i had my happiest moments that were made by family, friends and relatives. Who cares about the worst moments, only noobs worry pros dont. Thanks again for all those who read my shout outs and gave me ur warm messages... In life when we fall we have to accept it, you gotta take it like a man. While when we become successful we have to thank those who helped us, even the noobs who gave us a chance to show our leet skills. Without them you wont have pros. For the noobs who get pawn, just shut the fuck up and take it like a man.

So what will happen to me in the new year, i think i know very well. Ending up in NS at the 2nd half of the year. Im going in to pawn noobs in real life not in game anymore. So noobs please take it like a man. As for the first half of the year, im just going to work and earn MONEY. Money is important shyte, you cant live without money. I'm not being materialistic and shyte like that. You can use it to pawn more noobs as well, but if you are a noob you can donate the money to the pros so you wont waste the money, please put your money to good use. You might want to donate your money to me, i will be more than happy to accept your donations, i might even post shout outs to those noobs who donated.

Anyway the plan for 2009 firstly is to get pass poly smoothly, shun shun li li. Then to find a part time job where i can pawn noobs in real life and earn money. When i have the money i can go enjoy myself before entering NS. NS called me but i declined them and told them i would enter later with my friends. Enjoy the 1st half of my year, going on holidays or out with friends... To pawn noobs through out the year.

So the topic New Years Resolution. To become a better person in everyway i can. Pass my poly even though it is a sad thing. I really would miss my poly life cause of the love all my classmates gave me. I dont think i would have that love anymore. To pawn noobs. Lastly i think would be for everyone to be happy and take on the new year not to give up. Thats all before i go out to celebrate. For those who are at home i give you some love from me. Enjoy ur final moments of 2008. Alot more love from me to you guys and gals, take care.

Leaving the past behind, taking on the future infront... ROAR


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Friday, December 26, 2008

Retarded XmaZ

For this Xmaz summarize what i have done.

23rd Dec 2008
Went Xmaz shopping @ Taka. Walked around it has been quite sometime since i last went out of my home to have a good nice walk. Really appreciate it that ms accompanied me to walk around getting presents. Thanks alot for that and putting up with my nonsense the whole time. :) After that we went to Zhi Hui's House to celebrate Xmaz together with my poly classmates. We had a gift exchange event. I had a wonderful massager and we had alot of fun laughing around at the different presents we all had. Desmond started this thanks thingy and it made me kind of grateful actually wanted to thanks everyone for what they did for the past 3 years but it might sound kind of mushy so i cutted it short and just said i would like to thank everyone... And yea if i were to state what i thank everyone for i could have stated for each and everyone of them in that warm and full of friendship hall that we celebrated xmaz in. The only part i didnt enjoyed myself was when we were watching TV most of the time hahaha... =P Thanks for the memories guys =)

24th Dec 2008
Went to grandparents house. Initially wanted to have a stay over for that day but alot of us have something up the next afternoon. So in the end it was cancelled and here's the thing to my cousin... Dont worry it wasnt your fault we were all busy and couldnt always make it for last minute things aren't like when we were young we could stay over on such occasions. So played abit of mahjong with my cousins and siblings no money... Then later on played the game Taboo... It was so funny how my cousin discribed the word... She even link weird stuff but yea we had a little fun over there. This time there wasnt a xmaz tree or xmaz presents but we would all still remember the times we used to had @ our grandparents house. Really appreciate it even if it was the slightest or littlest thing that you guys did.

25th Dec 2008
A late Merry Xmaz to everyone. These few days i kept thinking of how much i would want to thank everyone for the things they did for me and even if my circle of friends were but they treated me so good everyone of them i wont forget all of you guys and what you all have done. Today there was a last minute event. Went out with my secondary school friends to celebrate XmaZ. We had lunch @ Ichiban and walked around. We ended up playing mahjong on XmaZ night hahahaa..... what an XmaZ. So unusual huh? but it was fun and i would like to thank my best friend Jian Lun for being such a good host everytime we put up at his home hahaha...

Shout Outs b4 the year ends

Wong Jian Lun - Best friend, treats me almost everything on earth and allowing me to be a part of his life. The one and only night buddy you cant find anywhere on earth! Advisor and MJ kaki =)

Xin Han - My cousin who always treats me and go around getting stuff and enjoying the times and things we did... Hang out cousin >_<

YiLing - BFF , had so much fun crapping on msn and in school. You can never do anything more stupid and have the craziest ideas with. Sometimes quite stupid and blur. Can be crazy sister hahaha...

LiTing - Taohu Brain. Talk about life experiences and some phsycological stuff with haha... Fun to suan as well...

Robin & Desmond - The WOW gang and funny classmates on earth. They quarrel sometimes, its fun to watch >_< Also the ones whom shared their lives with me during times and i really listened to their life stories which made them closer to me.

Justin - The philosopher. We always like to talk about things in life and i enlighten him as much as he enlightens me. Thanks for the long talks.

BroZ* - This group gave me the fun in my secondary school life. It was always good jokes and my first competitive arcade experience with. I missed those good times. Secret training and stuff like that hahaha...

PB - The secret trainer haha... had fun in the arcade and in real life 2gether. Even though it was the past i would remember it clearly.

KX - For being with me during those dota times and i really had fun in your house and enjoyed listening to your stories hahaha... i think my advise for u sux >_<

MIT0614 - This class is like my life during my poly years. Without them i wont know what fun i would have. I might have just been no life throught out those years so thanks alot!

Chu Xuan - Soccer times are good and the times we chat crap on msn. So gay with each other haha...

Jun Da - My hairy friend >_< crapping with this guy and suaning each other is good for health.

Daniel C - Thanks for the dota life and now crapping life we have haha... Always nonsense on msn even though it was little but they were memorable.

Cousins - Those who helped me and gave we a wonderful childhood. Almost the only place i would feel like home and be happy in most of my life.

Family - The most important thing thats in my life be it the moments where we wanted to kill each other when our jaws are nearly at each others necks or the times we had that were so joyous and warm that only a family can provide.

Noob MS - I feel entertained chatting with you everytime >_< you're a clown!!! =P Im always here to let u vent whatever anger u have... =)

Mahjong Gang and FYP friends - Thanks for all the fun we had 2gether be it bball or MJ that was a part of my life i wont forget.

Firdaus - My best friend, crapper, gamer and buddy of my 1st 2 years in sec 1 and 2 we even named him fei de gao. =)

ShiKai - My primary school best friend. Thx for the company thru my pri sch times even though i was a new guy there. Also thx for the company now haha...

Kam - my god sis, im here to crap and listen to you ^_^

To all these people i would really apologize to what i did wrong for the past few years even if it was the smallest thing. Im really sorry if i did any harm to you but you guys are my life. Thanks alot for even the smallest things in life. To all those in my life whom i never mention i am really thankful for you guys. It made my existence felt and worthwile. <--- (not suicide note.) Sincere!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day #4 RP-ing...

Short summary of what happened.

Went to school, took the test and finally done with the last paper. Something good which happened for a long time. Would be the holidays already till after christmas. After the test i went back home to play some WOW. Been playing WOW alot recently, never really got stuck into an rpg game so much but yea its kind of fun. I play as a healer where i heal the tank... The tank just grabs aggro and shit like that. While i heal him to keep him alive. Anyway main thing keep the group alive in a game thats all.

So after playing a bit of WOW i went out to celebrate my friends 21st birthday, Aaron. One of the oldest in our class. He was shocked and asked why at macdonalds. He cried but it was just watery eyes and a tear or two. We ate happy mean or something like that where we can choose a drink, side dish and the main. We played musical chair there were around 14 people who participated... Robin got kicked out first haha... then after a while me and obviously the winner was the birthday boy who grabbed the last chair. It was a new experience never really celebrated in macdonalds before but the food was seriously little and we were still hungry at the end of the day. Our present for him from the class was sunglass not sure what brand, but looks nice.

The past is a picture, the present is a live telecast.
Your past shows how much you have grown from them, not who you are now...

Holiday player ShiSanYao ^_^V

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day #3 RP-ing...

I could study for a while and i was veryvery tired. Hardly have sleep course of last minute studying holy shito. So this is what happens when u take a 15min power nap. It was 4am and i was still awake. Hungry and tired. I keep having backaches and shit like that cause i sit on a chair while i'm studyin and not lying on the bed. I slept in the afternoon for a while but still i was tired due to the night and the endless studying.
So i tried to take a short nap for a while. I set my alarm clock to 5am so i would be slping till 5am. This time i dont think i dreamt of anything but i had to force myself up. WTF?!?!? the sky was so freaking bright! i rushed out to look at the clock and i saw the time 8.20. Initially i got a shock and didnt move. The first thing that came in my mind was "wtf die already la 30mins late no nd take exam already have to freaking retake that module." Till my phone rang and YiLing called me. She asked me whether i was coming and said the paper started at 8.30. Upon hearing that, i changed my clothes and rushed out of the phone running towards the MRT station. Freaking hell i was out of breath when i reached the station. I knew taking the MRT and the taxi would allow me to reach the school at the same time so i chose the MRT, a risk to take though... come on what's life without risk. Risk = fun. And i was walking as quickly thru the crowd as possible when i stopped at YCK station. My phone rang again and this time the lecturer called she said:"Are you coming?" i replied:"yea im at the entrance of the school already on my way in." I was panting while talking on the phone. So in school when you are late for a test you can only be 30mins late or else u cant take the paper. I ended up taking the lift and walking quickly towards the room. When i hit the door entered the room the clock was 8.59 or 9.00 i was glad at that point of time as i could take the paper.
Anyway it wasnt the first time i was late for my test or exam. I remembered at year 2 i was always late for my final exams for both semester and one was also close to the half an hour mark... but i took all papers so yea manage to live thru my weakness = lateness. Anyway i was more nervous being late this time than the rest. Well u only live life once you gotta experience everything right :P Excitement in being late for sth damn important hahaha...

Risk player ShiSanYao

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day #2 Rp-ing
I took a power nap before goin to study. Sadly while studying i tried every method to memorise the stuff in my brain. Im not sure why but i can seem to memorise a single shit.... Not A Single SHhhhHHhiiiiTtTTT.... i only slept for like 1hr 15mns?for im not sure how long but my brain isnt working right. Although when i was studying my brain didnt told me to play games, but it could hardly remember things too... OMG my brain is evolving, save me... I keep having dreams while i was sleeping. Is it because of all the studyin? Im not sure but i had this weird dream where i was at dark place but u could see the floor. And my dad was burning stuff like for the dead or sth like that and im not sure why and he did some small ritual... O.O

Everytime i woke up, i would feel the strain in my neck. Im not sure why it happens but all the dreams i had i forced myself to wake up from them though they are not a nightmare... Weird... Now i cant think right... hmm...

Anyway ended up watching some clips on youtube, kind of meaningful they talk about relationships and and self validation. Yea in a relationship everyone needs a connection like hobbies, games, business so they would talk to each other. But what makes a relationship strong is the willingness to help the other person and at your side sacrifice something be it time or money just anything. Thats when you know you've got a great friend. In self-validation they talk about character of people. We make our own character we dont grow and have a character. Normally who we are are not always the path we take by ourselves and actually a path paved by others like your friends or family. When you walked a long way thru the path you've finally found out that you dont like it. So try to do the things you want and be the person you choose to be so you wont regret, cause you are the only one who knows who you are. Where other people who give you suggestions well then dont really care about who you are they just think its wrong...

Brainless player ShiSanYao

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

to non-bangla... do i look like a bangla to u huh?! LOOK HERE!! are u being racist or sth?!

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RP aka retard players aka role playing means while in game you think you are a freaking charcter in the virtual world retards do that i do not know why...

Day #1 RP-ing...
So my common tests are around the corner and i have been struggling alot. Guess what have i been struggling abt? Studying? You must be kidding studying is for noobs, how hard can it be to study huh? WTF how many millions of ppl study, what's so freaking difficult abt it? i wont wanna do something so simple man it aint me. Anyway i've been struggling cause i want to study but my mind is always on the GAMES! Its about the games man! THE GAMES!

So i tried playing some games! before goin to study. Actually it worked.. i could study for 3hrs straight no problem but then the GAMES came back in my head again... Oh man why the hell must this happen... its my last year to study so i try very hard to study... but my brain is on auto not manual so you cant freaking reconfigure it... i try to study 15mins i think about games hahaha... study study come on brain study yohooooo! you have to help me score for the test brains i dont have to do anything but rely on you ya know? So come on study dont think about games...

Just wondering what are the effective ways of studying so got a small list out:
1. Drinking coffee, tea w/e to keep urself focus
2. Walk around the house when you feel tired. (Hell my house is so big i get lost just by walking in the study room and i take 1hr to find my studying spot)
3. Take a power nap. ( so u sleep for around 15mins. When i go to slp my bed never wants me to wake up so i cant go back there if i havent finish studying)
4. Use a pen to write down stuff. (i dont really get how that works but it just works)
5. Read aloud when u cant concentrate. ( i did that in the middle of the night and got busted in the ass cause i wake everyone at home up.)
6. Look at the freaking notes and it stares back at you. (Hopefully the paper would go into ur brains so when you're in the exam hall, u can take them out to refer)
7. Read with understanding ( i love this one but i just dont get how ppl memorise without understanding, doesnt applies to me)
8. If you listen in the class why bother studying ( that nvr applies to me cause i got best friends to talk to me in lessons. My friends lectures always pawns the lecturers talking dont know why)

So thats about it...

Retard Player ShiSanYao.

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